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GammaDx is the global expert in Gamma Prime Fibrinogen research

Inflammation is a silent killer

According to the CDC, 8 out of 10 cardiac events and deaths can be prevented. Early risk assessment is key for prevention. 

We need a better way to identify chronic inflammation early – because underlying inflammation (often currently undiagnosed) is a serious problem leading to many chronic disease states, including: 


•Heart disease



•Alzheimer's and other dementias 


Gamma Dx is on a mission to shine a light on inflammation   


Driven commercial leader, with 20+ years of healthcare industry expertise, building best-in-class sales and marketing teams globally, broad experience in commercial execution and international channel management.

41 years of research in the areas of hemostasis, thrombosis and blood coagulation, 27 years as a Principal Investigator; Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Division of Trauma, Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery, Oregon Health & Science University.

25 years+ international experience in deal making, finance, value creation, business development, risk management and problem solving across diverse Industries.  

Diverse expertise in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries including clinical research, KOL strategy, marketing and sales. Demonstrated history of powerful performance across multiple therapeutic areas.

Expert in the clinical diagnostic industry, including writing CLSI standards. Director of Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital.

New Leadership

Gamma Diagnostics Inc. is proud to announce that Prof. John Olynyk has joined our team as a medical advisor. Prof. Olynyk is an internationally recognized leader in liver-related diseases including iron-metabolism disorders, hemochromatosis, liver-injury, hepatocellular carcinoma, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (“NAFLD”).


Prof. Olynyk’s current roles include consultant Hepatologist in the Dept of Gastroenterology at Fiona Stanley Hospital (formerly Head of Gastroenterology, 2015-2020), Dean of Clinical Research & Professor of Translational Medicine at ECU, Theme Lead of Health Research at ECU, Member of the Joint Scientific Committee of Haemochromatosis International, and Medical Advisor to both Haemochromatosis Australia and Red Cross Lifeblood Australia.


Over the course of his career Prof. Olynyk has contributed to over 250 published articles, 180 conference abstracts, and has authored 11 book chapters and miscellaneous publications including on the topics of iron in chronic liver disease, iron overload, and brain changes in iron loading disorders. He has also spoken and presented by invitation at dozens of international and national conferences related to liver diseases. Prof. Olynyk has won several awards and grants for research projects and is currently involved in several projects and trials that tie closely to the Company’s products and services and its core expertise in the liver and iron-related diseases. He will play a key role as a consultant in guiding the Company’s clinical study strategy and assisting relations with international key opinion leaders.


CEO of Gamma Diagnostics Inc., Ajay Nair commented: “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Prof. Olynyk for the past year on a variety of projects. It’s hard to find someone so equally balanced on understanding what a company needs to prove clinically and commercially, to bring good products to market. I truly enjoy working with Prof Olynyk and he brings the right energy and culture-fit to our small but growing team. I’m thrilled to have him be a part of our company’s story.”


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