GammaSeal, currently under development, is a patent-pending, high strength surgical sealant for areas of mechanical strain, i.e., large artery vascular surgery or wound repair.  GammaSeal will be delivered via a two syringe system, with a catalyst and an activator, and applied as a spray or a drip onto the incision or wound.  The degradation-resistant features of GammaSeal offer significant benefits over existing incision sealants, some of which are subject to enzymatic breakdown by the body, and others that exhibit potentially life-threatening complications.  With all surgical sealants, the integrity of the seal is critical and GammaSeal’s high strength both allows for a strong seal and the ability to withstand higher blood pressure in vascular wounds.

The potential applications for an internal sealant that is strong and flexible enough to seal a surgical incision, graft or wound, yet is biocompatible and biodegradable inside the body, is broad, addressing surgical procedures in cardiovascular medicine, emergency medicine trauma and battlefield wounds.

GammaSeal is derived from the naturally occurring human fibrinogen, Gamma Prime Fibrinogen, the basis for all Gamma Therapeutic products.  Since it is created from a natural protein in blood, GammaSeal has fewer of the rejection problems or contraindications seen with some types of commercially available sealants.

The global market for surgical incision closures is projected to reach US $7.7 billion by the year 2015, driven by the steady rise in surgical procedures, particularly in developing countries, as reported by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

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