Gammarin, currently under development, is a patented, next generation, non-immunogenic, short-acting anticoagulant blood thinner administered as an IV-infused pharmaceutical drug before and after major surgery.  Gammarin offers significant benefits over existing injectable anticoagulants, particularly heparin, when heparin is clinically contraindicated for use, as in cases of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.

Gammarin is especially beneficial for use in patients undergoing major surgery, where the standard of care, during and after surgery, includes the use of a large dose of prophylactic anticoagulants to prevent the formation of unwanted blood clots and prevent existing clots from growing by inhibiting key proteins.  Large clots may break apart and form emboli that travel through the body’s vascular system, and if trapped in a blood vessel, potentially result in a fatal embolism.  Patients undergoing major surgery have an elevated risk of thrombosis, particularly in prosthetic knee or hip replacement surgery, which can lead to a blood clot in up to 60 percent of patients who do not receive prophylaxis.

Gammarin is a peptide fragment of the naturally occurring human fibrinogen, Gamma Prime Fibrinogen, the basis for all Gamma Therapeutic products.  Since it is based on a natural protein in blood, Gammarin has fewer of the problems seen with artificially made blood thinners and offers benefits these anticoagulants do not have.

The worldwide market for anticoagulants, in 2010, is $6 B annually, growing to $14 B, by 2017.

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